The communications team

Communications correspondents

Ensure there is a consistent flow of information going out to the community. To address the health and social priority issues identified in Kahnawake’s Community Health Plan activities include:

  • Articles
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Radio announcements/commercials
  • Talkshows
  • Public service announcements
  • Posters
  • News releases
  • TV shows, infomercials
  • Annual reports

Communications correspondents’ assist the promotion/education efforts whenever feasible. This is in addition to communications’ general KSCS public relations responsibilities and human resources support.


How to access: 
A call to 450-632-6880 during office hours will put you in touch with the appropriate resource person.

Assisted Living Services

Assisted Living Services (ALS)

is comprised of the Independent Living Center (ILC) and Family Support and Resources Services (FSRS). The ILC is a residential program for community members living with mental health issues. FSRS includes the Family Support Caseworkers, Young Adults Program, the Teen Social Club, and Lifeskills Support Workers.

How to access: 
Call ALS at (450) 632-7730 and ask to speak with the Manager.

Home Care Nursing

Services Provided

The Homecare nurses of KMHC work collaboratively with KSCS's Home and Community Care Services and other professionals to provide health care to individuals who cannot seek medical attention due to diminished mobility, illness or their physical condition.

The program is aimed towards the elderly, chronically ill, disabled, terminally ill, and those convalescing from major hospitalizations necessitating nursing care. Ongoing nursing visits provide support and supervision needed to maintain an independent lifestyle and safely meet the demands of daily living.

Referrals to the Kahnawake homecare team are made by physicians, other agencies, family members, neighbors and patients themselves.

Home care services are provided Monday to Friday 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M. and on weekends for scheduled patients.

  •  On-call services are provided for palliative care patients.
  •  Evening dressing changes.
  •  Intravenous therapy