Environmental Health Services

Presence of Radon Gas in Your Home

This video is an educational video provided by Health Canada. 

Kelley Bush - Radon Education and Awareness, Health Canada:"Health Canada recommends that you do a long term test for a minimum of three months. And the reason for that is radon levels vary significantly even from one day to the next so to have an accurate representation of what you're being exposed to, you want to do that long term test and the Fall/Winter time period is an ideal time as well when your windows and doors are closed."


In the event a test confirms the presence of Radon Gas in your home community members are encouraged to contact Environmental Health Services through the link below.  

Environmental Health Services

Environmental Health Services (EHS) activities primarily concentrate on identifying, monitoring and mitigating health hazards in the physical environment.


This responsibility has been divided into the following concentration areas:

  • Water quality Monitoring
  • Waste Disposal
  • Food Safety Inspections
  • Health Hazard Investigations
  • Indoor Air Quality/Mold Investigations
  • Communicable Disease Interventions
  • Building Safety (Private & Public)
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness
How to access: 
Call EHS at (450) 635-9945