Addictions Response Services

  • Individual addictions counselling

To screen and assess clients for addictions response services and then to provide direct support to community members and their families with addictions issues using the 12 core functions of addictions services.

  • Family Intervention

Upon request from family members, to collaborate with the family to provide an addictions intervention to a client suffering from an addictions issue

  • Family counselling

To provide addictions education, support and counselling to families and significant others with loved ones dealing with addictions issues.

  • Couples counselling

To provide addictions education, support and counselling to couples dealing with addictions issues

  • Addictions Consultation

To provide support and consultation to any related services, programs, organization, projects and activities in the area of addictions

  • Clients with a mental health and substance abuse problem

To provide education, support and counselling to clients and families dealing with an addictions issue and a concurrent mental health disorder.

The following is offered only on an “as needed” basis with sufficient amount of people and client preparedness

  • Adult Children of Alcoholics

To provide addictions support to adult dependents of Alcoholics in an individual or group setting

  • Nutrition Recovery Group

To provide nutritional support to alcoholics/addicts in recovery in a group setting.

  • Introduction to the 12 Steps

To provide a support group to individuals new to a recovery programs

  • Ionkwatakitakhe “Walking a Good Path Together” group

To provide education and support to parents of children with substance use issues.

  • Aftercare Group

To provide education, support and relapse prevention to clients recently completing a treatment program.

Service department: 
How to access: 
A call to 450-632-6880 will put you in touch with the appropriate resource person. In the event of an emergency in the evenings, weekends and holidays call the Peacekeepers 450-632-6505 and ask to speak with an on-call worker.