Foster Care

K.S.C.S. retains primary responsibility for the children aged 0-18 years who are placed in care.  This responsibility is entrusted to K.S.C.S., either through agreement on the part of the parents or by order of the court (S.5 Voluntary Commitment, Youth Protection Voluntary Measures or Court Order). 

We strive to place a child in a familiar environment therefore we always seek out extended family before resorting to foster families.  Our first priority before placing a child with a foster family is to support and encourage the immediate and extended family to participate in caring for the family member.  This is in keeping with the traditional Mohawk philosophy of families taking responsibility for each other in time of need.  It is also reflective of the mission statement of Kahnawake Shakotiia'takehnhas Community Services.

Placement of a child whether with extended family or a foster home is always a serious measure and taken to protect a child and provide the child with appropriate living conditions during their time of need.  When placement is necessary, the best option for a child is the warmth and affection of a caring family that can ensure the child’s safety, security and development.

Extended family who are willing and able to care for a child in need, provide a valuable form of substitute parenting.  Foster families are people selected specifically for their willingness and ability to care for children outside of their immediate family.  Each family makes a commitment to make room in their daily lives and their homes for children from our community.  They are caring families willing to invest time and give affection to children and families most in need by providing a secure, stable & nurturing environment.

Both extended families and foster families agree to work in partnership with Kahnawake Shakotiia'takehnhas Community Services in order that a child entrusted to them is reintegrated into their natural family as soon as possible and whenever possible.  The goal remains to return a child to their parent(s) and/or home environment.

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A call to 450-632-6880 during regular office hours will put you in touch with the appropriate resource person.