Onkwanen:ra Our Gang


Onkwanen:ra is an after school program for children between the ages of 6–12 years. (Grade 1 to 6) The group meets each day, from September to June, to teach Kahnawa’kehró:non children social/life skills in a fun and safe environment. The program covers five different themes throughout the year including:

  • group inclusion/relations
  • self awareness
  • understanding relationships
  • decision making as it affects one’s life, and the world around us

By focusing on Mohawk values and the cultural aspects of respect, we work to provide group members with the information needed to learn about making healthy choices and living a healthier lifestyle (mental, physical, social and spiritual well-being). What do Onkwanen:ra members do: members get to participate in a variety of activities that are geared towards helping them learn more about themselves, their family and their community and at the same time, teaching them to express their feelings and thoughts about different topics. How are the sessions run? Each session begins with group members reviewing Onkwanen:ra group rules, followed by a short game for the children. The chosen topic for the day is introduced to the children with a lesson or activity to help the members (children) understand it. To close each session members are given the opportunity to share their own experiences, thoughts and feelings or to ask questions. Members are encouraged to be active participants in the group. The group also participates in a wide variety of educational and extra curricular activities such as:

  • Career week
  • Art day Friday’s
  • Activity week
  • Trips to museums
  • Sleepovers and other family activities

Onkwanen:ra is fun for the whole family! Through the years, Onkwanen:ra has become a family-oriented program. Parents, grandparents, siblings and the extended family are encouraged to participate in activities with group members. Special family activities such as bowling, potlucks, movie and museum trips are scheduled throughout the year for Onkwanen:ra families.

Service department: 
How to access: 
A call to 450-635-8089 will put you in touch with the appropriate resource person.