Support Counseling

Shakotisnien:nens- Support Counselors


One on one counseling

Individual counseling offered to clients where by a service plan is developed to offer support to various individual issues. Some areas: stress management, depression, anxiety, self esteem etc. Support can be given through traditional approaches as well as more contemporary delivery methods

Crisis Intervention

To support individual with support of listening, talking, sharing immediate issues. Able to respond to crisis immediately in the community

Couple and Family Counseling

To provide counseling services to couples and their families. To provide a safe and comfortable environment for Kahnawa’kehró:non.

Anger management

Individual anger management sessions provided to help support and provide guidance to individuals. In collaboration with Support services, is provided as individual need or group basis (as needed).

Service department: 
How to access: 
A call to 450-632-6880 during regular office hours will put you in touch with the appropriate resource person.